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How about "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by the Proclaimers?


At which mile do you intend to stop to barf?

But seriously - good luck. I was there to pick up the pieces when my hubby ran his first and only marathon 2 years ago. He finished ahead of several middle-aged women and a few dogs, so we considered it a success.


Good luck and have fun...there is no shame in the back of the pack. I did a lot of walking on the last 5 miles of my one and only marathon and still was cheered by onlookers. Hold your head high as you trudge the last mile...or crawl...or are pulled in a little wagon drawn by two young children saying " Geez Mister, do you always drool like that?" Be strong!


That sounds like a typical day for me touristing in DC. How come nobody gives me a tee-shirt.

Good luck, dude.

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